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Making our communities safer through community involvement and increased public awareness of dangerous Fugitives.
The Fugitive Alert brings in dramatic stories and photographs of fugitives, exciting apprehension accounts, community service information, crime stories from around the world and much more from local agencies and residents and surrounding areas.
Fugitive Alert blends local business, law enforcement and community corrections to locate and apprehend dangerous fugitives. Fugitive alert distributes newspapers throughout the servicing region.
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IMPORTANT INFO. Please do not attempt to contact these people: If you know the whereabouts of these offenders please contact your local law enforcement agency. Listing on this web site does not constitute verification of a valid warrant. All warrants MUST be confirmed through standard law enforcement procedures.
The Fugitive Alert has the mutual determination of the State Police, Local Law Enforcement and the Department of Corrections in helping with the apprehension of violent offenders and placing them back in the custody of the local jail and/or Corrections.